A Great Surprise!

This morning while at work I checked my email to see it flooded with wordpress emails! I went through them and started smiling. “Wow people are actually looking at what I wrote.” Its a good feeling, especially for me. BUT THEN!! I continue on and to a great surprise I received a very encouraging comment and nomination from http://shardsofsilence.wordpress.com/ Vic Briggs (:

Being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award was very nice and thoughtful, as well as encouraging. I didn’t think anyone would ever read my post let alone get some attention like this. I greatly appreciate it and hope to continue to write interesting things for everyone!

I am suppose to nominate 15 blogs, unfortunately I haven’t experienced enough blogs yet to do so. So my goal for this week is to search blogs and make many new friends and by Sunday evening (I say Sunday because I am in the process of moving…) I will nominate 15 blogs!! Keeps the celebration going (:

Thank you once again to Vic Briggs for nominating my blog! I really appreciate it!




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