A Great Surprise!

This morning while at work I checked my email to see it flooded with wordpress emails! I went through them and started smiling. “Wow people are actually looking at what I wrote.” Its a good feeling, especially for me. BUT THEN!! I continue on and to a great surprise I received a very encouraging comment and nomination from http://shardsofsilence.wordpress.com/ Vic Briggs (:

Being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award was very nice and thoughtful, as well as encouraging. I didn’t think anyone would ever read my post let alone get some attention like this. I greatly appreciate it and hope to continue to write interesting things for everyone!

I am suppose to nominate 15 blogs, unfortunately I haven’t experienced enough blogs yet to do so. So my goal for this week is to search blogs and make many new friends and by Sunday evening (I say Sunday because I am in the process of moving…) I will nominate 15 blogs!! Keeps the celebration going (:

Thank you once again to Vic Briggs for nominating my blog! I really appreciate it!




Who am I?!!


Hello there,

My name is Brittany. I am 21 and a junior in college. I’m attending Ferris State University and am working on my bachelors in business administration. I am excited to be finishing up my last couple semesters of college, so I can dive head first into the rest of my life.

I currently work in the record and registration department at Southwestern Michigan College. I have been working in the Records office for over a year now. I have learned so much from working in this office that no other class could provide. I love my job very much and am not afraid to shout it from the roof top!

Some day I hope to open my own coffee shop. I love coffee and am very passionate about it. I live in the very small town of Dowagiac. We use to have a pretty nice coffee shop here. They had a great variety of coffees and baked goods, they had comfy leather recliners in the back by a fireplace, they had shelves full of books, and on Thursday/Friday nights they would have live music. The owners of the coffee shop were super friendly and made the atmosphere welcoming and homey. Sadly they closed and now there is no coffee shop close to Dowagiac. Being the coffee lover that I am I want to open a place where college kids could come and relax while enjoying a great cup of coffee!

Another one of my passions is volleyball. I love to play volleyball. I organize a lot of volleyball events at Southwestern Michigan College and thought it would be fun to taking a coaching class. This coming fall I will be taking a coaching class that will make me a level 6 certified coach. I will then be able to coach anywhere in the state of Michigan. Just another side project for me.

I wanted to started this blog to share with young business men/women the office entry do’s and don’ts as well as hear some advice and stories from others. I certainly would have benefited from someone sharing their experience with me and would like to provide that support to others. As well as “share” a cup of coffee!

Hope you enjoy what I have to say and post! Please comment your thoughts and ideas!


Brittany (: